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Our current property was donated to us in 2002 and the church began work on the new site in 2008. The congregation was directly involved in this change and we had a number of volunteers helping to construct, decorate, and make decisions as to what Cross Point's new home would look like. We moved into the new building in 2010 and strive to use the space God has provided us to grow His Kingdom every day!


Cross Point Church began through a revival at the Raleigh County Courthouse in 1928. At this point, Cross Point was known as Beckley First Church of God and we constructed our first building in 1932. As the congregation grew, we continued to build on to the original church building. However, when Pastor Vondie arrived in 1990, our church began moving outside the walls of the building to reach the Beckley community. We quickly realized that our current property on South Oakwood was not going to be enough to hold our growing congregation. And so...Beckley First Church of God was changed to Cross Point Church and the search for a larger property began!


Heading into a new decade, we know that the 21st century church is more than face-to-face. It requires innovation and adaptation in order to reach every new generation coming in. Cross Point believes in creating an impact, not only in our community, but around the world and have seen the vision of not only ministering in our in-person services but  through online ministry and training opportunities as well. We strive to share the gospel and connect with you whether you live here in Beckley or are watching our livestream from Kenya. This is why we now seek to Love, Connect, and Equip through every possible means!

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